PEGIDA rising

The anti-Islamification movement expands into the UK:

BRITAIN’S newest political movement which has vowed to fight the “Islamification of the West” has marked its official launch today by announcing its first major rally.

The UK branch of the far right German campaign group PEGIDA will mark its introduction into the political sphere with a march throughout Newcastle later this month. The new group, which has been set up by former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson, announced the planned protest with a message saying: “Let’s show the Islamists we show no fear.”

It will be followed in February by another event, billed as a “peaceful silent walk” to take place in Birmingham. The walk is being organised in conjunction with PEGIDA branches across Europe and is centred on the theme “Save Our Country, Save Our Culture, Save Our Future”.

The USA could use its own branch. Christendom will have to fight the Saracen again, the question is not if, but when. And for all the West’s technology, it is weaker now than it has ever been before.