The Farce Awakens

A reader posts a scathing review of the new SJW Wars episode at Alpha Game:

You’ll be glad you didn’t see Star Wars VII: The Farce Awakens. The glaring questions it begs are projections of the female imperative. Darth Vader, Luke, Kylo Ren, Obi Wan Kenobi, and all other force using experts in any previous Star Wars story, needed training based on years of apprenticeship with a 24/7 mentor to master the force. The entire premise of Jedi powers, like all martial skills, is that they must being “learned” and they develop over time with practice. Our heroine Rey, hinted heavily as being Luke’s daughter, instantly and without training or foreknowledge gets abilities with the force that took all other Jedi, Sith, decades to develop. So with no Jedi’s around, how does she even know the force can control weak-minded storm troopers, much less use the old “you don’t need to see his papers” shtick.

There is more, and none of it is good. The usual spoiler warnings apply, although the review doesn’t so much contain spoilers as it calls into question the core conceit of the film.

It occurs to me that there is probably a market for books, and even films, that “continue” the story of SJW-infested properties in a traditionalist manner. What should the Star Wars prequels have looked like? How should the post-Jedi story actually proceeded?

I shall have to think on this further… about Star Lords battling for power in a galaxy far, far away.