Not an invasion?

The only reason the mass “immigration” is not seen as an invasion is because the West is not resisting it:

Some 800 to 1,000 migrants tried on Thursday to
break into the Channel Tunnel near the French port city of Calais in a
desperate bid to reach Britain, local officials said, triggering chaotic
scenes that saw traffic disrupted and security forces firing tear gas
to disperse the crowds.

noted the presence of 800 to 1,000 migrants” near the tunnel, a
local official told AFP, as a police source described the numbers as
“unprecedented” for daytime. People normally try to cross over under
cover of darkness, often having paid exorbitant sums to smugglers to
make dangerous, even life-threatening bids to reach the other side of
the Channel. “As they approached the tunnel, several migrants tried hard
to slow down the flow of traffic so they could climb into the trucks,”
the source said.

AFP journalist saw young men climb on top of trucks heading
towards Britain, with some cutting through the tarpaulin covering the
vehicles to get inside. Others could be seen helping their friends climb
into the back of a white truck. Several people succeeded in their bid
to enter the Channel Tunnel site, the journalist said. “Security forces
were deployed… objects were being thrown at them, and they had to
resort to using tear gas,” police said in a statement.

Obviously these totally non-invasive immigrants are perfectly willing to resort to force if it is required.