Disemploy harder

This is almost inconceivable from an American perspective, but it is what having an amenable authority on the side of free expression and free association looks like:

Hungary’s government told ministries and other state institutions to cancel subscriptions with Magyar Telekom on Thursday in a row over the telecom operator’s decision to end a sponsorship deal with a pop singer over his remarks about women.

The singer, Akos Kovacs, is known to support the ruling centre-right Fidesz party. The government, which has made waves in recent days with a conservative take on gender equality, said Kovacs had been subject to unfair discrimination by Magyar Telekom, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, over remarks in which he said it was not women’s role to earn as much as men.

Magyar Telekom severed links with Kovacs after the singer’s comments to private television channel Echo TV on Sunday, in which he also said that women had better “fulfill the female calling by belonging to someone, bearing a child for someone.”

Magyar Telekom said in a statement to news portal index.hu on Wednesday that the remarks were incompatible with the company’s diversity principles and it was withdrawing its sponsorship deal with Kovacs.

“Our company does not think the spirit of the artist’s interview … is compatible with our group’s beliefs and values, Magyar Telekom said. “Magyar Telekom is committed to ensure equal opportunities for women and men and sustain sexual equality in all circumstances.”

The controversy was discussed at a government meeting on Wednesday, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs – no relation to the singer – told state news agency MTI on Thursday.

“The government was shocked to learn about Telekom’s action, which we believe violates both the spirit and letter of the Hungarian constitution,” Zoltan Kovacs told MTI.

“It might be possible in Germany but we cannot accept anyone to suffer discrimination for his opinion and views.”

Zoltan Kovacs said the review of contracts with Magyar Telekom was under way, adding that the termination of 103 contracts at one ministry had already been initiated.

Once again, Hungary leads the way. Don’t tolerate SJWs. Don’t support SJW corporations. If you’re in procurement or you’re making a decision about a supplier, don’t choose those who support thought-policing.

Always hit back harder. They bring a knife, bring a gun. Or three.