GG acquires two more SJW scalps

Chicago rules. They disemployed one of ours, we disemployed two of theirs:

Tommy Craggs, the executive editor of Gawker Media, and Max Read, the editor-in-chief of, are resigning from the company. In letters sent today, Craggs and Read informed staff members that the managing partnership’s vote to remove a controversial post about the CFO of Condé Nast—a unprecedented act endorsed by zero editorial employees—represented an indefensible breach of the notoriously strong firewall between Gawker’s business interests and the independence of its editorial staff. Under those conditions, Craggs and Read wrote, they could not possibly guarantee Gawker’s editorial integrity.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s the reason they resigned. The inability to “guarantee Gawker’s editorial integrity.”

See: The First Law of SJW. SJWs always lie.