Brainstorm with Roosh

VOX: Now, recently you’ve begun talking a bit more about spirituality, which I have to say strikes me as a little strange coming as it does from a notoriously hedonistic agnostic individual. What is the source of this shift in emphasis? Is it related to what you are talking about?

ROOSH: The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, and only by crossing the line, by going way beyond my sexual and entertainment needs, have I seen where the line is. Most of my life I have based on the scientific way, facts and logic, but it wasn’t giving me the answers. I don’t see the answers and I see some of it is wrong. People are structuring their life on science that in 100 years, 500 years, 5,000 years, will be shown to be a joke. Just like how humans used to think the earth was flat. People right now think that just because a study came out that this is fact, but it’s not. So, what can we learn, or what is the best way to live? I think the best way to come up with that is to look at how humans have lived for thousands of years. A book like the Bible was a guide that was a manual for billions of people and it still is. It has been used for so long that maybe there is something in it that I should look at. So, I am reading it now.

VOX: It will probably astonish thousands of people to hear that! Whether you are talking about the Bible, the Ancient Greeks, or Heian Japan, there is an awful lot of wisdom to be found there simply because they lived. We don’t need to reinvent every single thought about the wheel.

ROOSH: What I don’t get is why modern Western culture has been so quick to throw all that away. Throwing everything away for this experimental way to live. I am reading some of the old stuff and it makes sense. It makes sense! And I look at what the media and the universities are showing us now and I see Bruce Jenner being celebrated for being mentally ill, and I think I am going insane here! It doesn’t make sense why this is happening. We are living in a weird time and it scares me. I’m not even there in the USA and I am thinking that maybe on the ground it is not that bad, but then I go there to visit and it is that bad. People are now reciting talking points that five years ago I would have said are weird. Now it is part of the general audience and in how they act. Now people are calling everything sexist. I remember in the US last year, I heard a woman use the word microaggression and I thought that was a joke the first time I heard it. Now it is becoming common and I am thinking, man, I don’t know how it is getting here and I wish I could stop it but I can’t. (Laughs) What we have to do as men is hold on. This is not going to end well.

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