#GamerGate has more fun

Vox Day @voxday
It’s too bad Sasquan isn’t closer to Vegas or I’d ask @TheMercedesXXX to dress like an Indian and accept the Hugo Award for me. #GamerGate

Mercedes Carrera ‏@TheMercedesXXX
@voxday that would be top Kek. And probably get me thrown out. Lol

#GamerGate has got to be the first consumer revolt that managed to bring together unequivocally evangelical Christians, unabashed porn stars, and undeniably fabulous homosexuals. Among many, many others. How evil are the SJWs, how universally loathsome is their ideology, that it can inspire such diverse tribes to unite against them?

We need a word to describe anti-SJWism. Then again, I suppose we’ve already got one. And that word would be “freedom”.