An apology:

Marko Kloos, on April 16, 2015 at 1:32 am said:
On reflection: I apologize to Vox Day for calling him a shitbag. I loathe his politics and race diatribes, disagree with his theology, and have absolutely nothing in common with him philosophically, but there’s no reason to get uncivil and resort to name-calling.

It’s worth noting for the record that this marks the first apology I have ever received from an author in the science fiction community since my nationally syndicated op/ed column first came to the attention of Teresa Nielsen Hayden in March 2005.

There are many on the left who believe the mere fact that my beliefs exist and I dare to openly express them comprise a sufficient provocation in themselves, but it is as ridiculous to claim that being scientifically literate, historically aware, and logically correct can justify uncivility and name-calling as it would be to insist that I have the right to attack others in a vulgar manner simply because they happen to subscribe to Keynesian economics or advocate gun control.

So, rather than concerning yourself with the minutiae of Mr. Kloos’s apology or his decision to withdraw his nomination, reflect upon the difference between his actions and the actions of those with whom he makes his philosophical home. It took him less than four hours to do what many others have not done in more than ten years. So don’t hold it against him. I certainly won’t.

On an unfortunately tangential note, two more people have responded to Glenn Hauman’s call for posting fake reviews on Amazon. Jeromy Stone has posted a fake review of Mr. Wright’s AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, of all things:

One Star
By jeromy stone on April 15, 2015
Format: Hardcover

You know the drill. Report for Abuse and Inappropriate Content. The more strongly we respond to these attacks, the more likely it is that Amazon will eventually step in and do something serious about it.


By phangirl on April 15, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Call me underwhelmed. If you like purple prose, this is the book for
you. Bad writing plus bad editing makes for a bad book. Don’t waste your
money on this dog.

As phangirl is a fan of Jim C. Hines, I ask Mr. Hines to make a statement to his readers concerning his opinion of posting fake one-star reviews of other authors’ works on Amazon. I have no doubt that Mr. Hines opposes the practice, out of sheer common sense if nothing else, and I hope that he will see fit to tell phangirl and his other fans to cease and desist such antics. Meanwhile, Mark Rogers has posted a fake review of RIDING THE RED HORSE, as well as of three other Castalia House works all of them today.

One Star
By Mark Rogers on April 16, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Hateful drivel. Nazis will love it

I’m contacting Amazon today to ask them to investigate Glenn Hauman’s call for fake reviews. It is readily apparent that his malicious attempt to harm Castalia House’s business is having real and material effects on our book reviews and I note there is legal precedent in the UK addressing compensation for such activities. My personal opinion is that Amazon should not permit authors who post fake reviews or encourage others to do so to sell their books on Amazon. It will be interesting to learn Amazon’s opinion of the matter, considering that they recently sued some companies that provide fake reviews.

Here are five more posted yesterday by J. Carnell of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Hauman can disingenuously attempt to deny whatever he likes, but the fact is that he made the call and a number of fake reviewers promptly responded by posting fake reviews. It should be a simple manner to show that all of the fake reviewers read his call and responded to it, especially since at least one of those fake reviewers writes for the same site upon which he posted it.

So, Mr. Hauman, if you send me an email admitting that you called for fake reviews to be posted, apologizing for doing so, and asking both Amazon and your readers to take down the fake reviews posted after your piece entitled What Do You Do To Rabid Puppies? (Answer Below.), I will post it here, and the matter will be considered closed as soon as the fake reviews come down.