More fake reviews

This time from one Carrie Schutrick, who pretends that she’s read John C. Wright’s Book of Feasts & Seasons:

By Carrie Schutrick “Neon Fox”on April 14, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I would like to make something clear: this book gets one star only because it’s apparently been copyedited. In this day of self publishing, that’s not a given, so a lack of typos and a writer who seems to have a grasp of the use of the semicolon are things to celebrate.

The content, however, is horrifically bad. To take only one example, there’s the inexplicably Hugo-nominated story “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus”, in which a woman whose daughter has just died of cancer is granted a visitation from Saint Nicholas, and the girl is resurrected because her mother becomes Catholic enough to deserve a miracle. (And there’s a miracle Christmas tree, even though Saint Nicholas makes it a point to say that he doesn’t smoke a pipe because he lived before people started doing that. Et tu, Queen Victoria?) The perversion of Catholic doctrine around the problem of evil is…well, one hesitates to call it “blasphemy”, but I cannot think of a term that better fits.

I rather wish I had actually purchased the book, because then I could ethically burn it; it’s considered bad form to do such a thing to a book belonging to someone else.

They’re so sneaky, aren’t they, just happening to show up and post the first and only one-star reviews the very day that someone told them to do so. As before, I reported it for abuse and inappropriate content.