#GamerGate claims another SJW scalp

Flawless wetwork by @br00ke27, with a spotting assist from sleepax. One shot, one kill:

Kim Crawley posted an article on InfoSec that stated Baphomet was closed and tons of other mis-info. She didn’t even do the basic research, legitimately didn’t even try to back up her claims. She didn’t even attempt to visit 8chan what-so-ever. All of her sources were anti-gamergate clickbait, very unusual for InfoSec.

Then, people like me and @br00ke27 brought the attention to InfoSec (seriously she deserves credit she was the first to e-mail them and engage them), then we made fun of her for posting an article that had literally zero research. … Not because she’s a woman (which I’m sure she’ll say). Not because she attacked gamergate, or 8chan (which I’m sure she’ll say). Not because I’m a misogynist death threat murder harasser (today ;], at least) but because her work was absolutely atrocious.

InfoSec starts getting more complaints regarding the awful article and writes to her about it. They even mention that her articles have been stupidly controversial before (paraphrasing). She then posts their confidential e-mail to Ghazi.

The post claims InfosSc fired her DUE to us, (even though the letter says she’s done this shit before) and now she’s contacting kotaku etc. saying we harassed her out of the industry.

They do say women make good snipers. It occurs to me that a true conspiracy theorist would surmise that Patreon is behind #GamerGate, considering how many unemployed SJWs go running there shrieking harassment. The chief exploitable weakness of SJWs is that they always lie. Always. So, destroying their credibility is a simple matter of doing the research, finding the lies, and then exposing them to their employers, associates, and audience.

They are the cultural enemy. They have openly declared no quarter and asserted that there is no place in their society for those who don’t submit to their vision of social justice. Rendering them unemployed, from within and without, and otherwise removing their microphones is a purely self-defensive, and above all, necessary tactic. If you have a known SJW in your organization, purging them should be a priority, because enforcing their vision of social justice is mission one for them and they do not hesitate to turn on anyone, even former allies, the moment they feel it serves their sacred cause.

SJWs don’t hesitate to make use their employers and their superiors either. Consider, for example, the email from her editor Miss Crawley publicly posted on Ghazi before she was fired:


Regardless of any possible merit in the Gamergate article, it has caused more than a little grief for me and for InfoSec. At best, it was a bad fit for us. At worst – which I am now in my third day of being called on the carpet for – it has tarred our name and damaged the brand. Whether or not the haters coming after you and us have any legitimacy is irrelevant. This is exactly the kind of bad press that can cost us business. In the end, that’s the sole criteria that counts for anything around here.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been taken to task for content appearing under your byline but it is the last. They wanted to can you outright and pull all your articles. For the time being, they are being kept up, but that can change at any moment.

To the extent that you can call off anyone out there making noise on your behalf, please do so.

She actually threw the very editor who was trying to save her job under the bus in order to score some “poor me victim” points with anti-GG. Now imagine what your SJWs are capable of doing to you. These people are lunatics. You cannot win them over with kindness and reason. You can only expose them for what they are and thereby ensure that they are driven back under the rocks from which they crawled.

I’m not sure which of these two tweets from an anti-GGer was more amusing:

Dr. Envoy ‏@drenvoy
#gamergate only has 15 posts an hour its dying

Dr. Envoy ‏@drenvoy
#gamergate rejoices getting people to lose thier jobs OMG

It’s fascinating to see how the SJWs are upset by seeing their own tactics used against them. No doubt the Wehrmacht in Russia thought it was tremendously unfair when the Red Army started cutting off their lines of retreat and encircling the 16th Army to create the Demyansk Pocket.