Comment champions

One of Blogger’s flaws is that its comment management tools are crude to the point of being nonexistent. So, as part of Operation Yama, our elite team of trollhunters has created a tool that permits the datamining of Blogger comments in order to accurately document the full extent of the cyberstalking that has taken place here. In addition to providing us with a complete list of his trespasses, the tool also helped us identify two of Yama’s identities that had previously gone undocumented.

Interestingly enough, it’s also allowed us to see who left the most comments here in 2014. The winner, with over 3,000, was Nate. The top seven are as follows:

  1. Nate
  2. Josh
  3. Markku
  4. Bob K. Mando
  5. Tom Kratman
  6. James Dixon
  7. Jack Amok

The updated cyberstalker list:

Yamamanama, Dan Picaro, Andthestarshine, Kasa the Wicked, Nikola,
Alauda, Arachnothera, Beardsley McTurbanhead, Chokley Carmichael,
Clamps, Comrade Questions, Daphis, Daphnis, Freddy Foreshadowing,
Luscinia, Luscinia Hafez, Starshine, Sunlight, Will, Will leFey, Yama,
Yama the Space Fish, Count Bullets-ula, Lilacanddatura, Phoenixwing667, Darkprophet667, Ciconia, inimbe karu ava, and @Pure, Impure.