An r/K perspective on the NYC cop killings

Anonymous Conservative observes a rabbit strategy at work in the Mayor of New York City’s response to the killing of two NYPD officers:

Two NYPD cops killed in retaliation for Eric Garner’s death, while DeBlasio observes from safety. When I see this, I see the transvestite cuttlefish seizing mating opportunities, while competitors are occupied fighting each other. DeBlasio is a hard core rabbit, who no doubt dislikes the K-selected culture of aggression, competitiveness, and loyalty you find in K-selected populations such as the Police. He seeks the support of the angry and aggressive in-grouping class of the black community. At the same time, he tries to appear neutral to police, to avoid open conflict with them. Yet by his actions, he fosters acrimony, to the point that the Police even begin to out-group him.

Remember, rabbits never want to fight. They always want someone else to fight you on their behalf. That’s why Yama is trying to present himself, however impossibly, as a victim, despite the fact that he is the individual responsible for cyberstalking me for the last 56 months, in addition to many other individuals over the last 11 years.