4GW in Middle America

This looks rather like a prelude of one of the signs I predicted would be among the harbingers of the civil war that will bring about the end of the USA:

Police families in Ferguson fear for their safety and many have gone into hiding or left town after receiving assault and death threats.

Spouses and children of cops in Ferguson, Missouri, have received assault and death threats after the shooting of Michael Brown. Tensions continue to rise in Ferguson as a grand jury nears its decision on whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Brown’s shooting

‘It’s very frightening,’ said the police wife, who asked to not be identified. ‘Most people who have a family member who’s a police officer are very proud of what they do.This is real and people actually do know how to find us and they do want to harm us.’

I doubt it is anything more than threats at this point, though. If people were planning to act, they wouldn’t be warning police families ahead of time. We will know that 4GW has come to America in earnest when police and federal agents are leaving their jobs for fear of harm coming to their families.

Which, you may recall, is one reason I theorized that the notorious FEMA camps are not actually intended for enemies of the state, but rather, for the families of its servants.