What West?

With Easterners murdering Easterners again, the cry rises once more: the West must act!

  • The West must face the evil that has revealed itself in the Iraq genocide – Michael Nazir-Ali
  • The West must intervene in Iraq – Lord Dannatt
  • The decision to intervene is almost certainly the right call – Ross Douthat

Why? What possible interest does the West have in keeping Easterners from killing each other? France imported tens of thousands of pro-French Algerians to keep them from being murdered by other Algerians, now their police don’t dare to enter the slums inhabited by the grandchildren of those Algerians. The USA has been importing people from every single one of its post-WWI foreign engagements of the previous century, what benefit has that been to Americans beyond nearly exposing the people of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, to Ebola?

Did Rome concern itself when one Chinese king was slaughtering other Chinese? Did Imperial Japan intervene in the Dutch-Spanish war?

The West is in no position to help anyone now that it has been invaded by more than 30 million Muslims and Africans and 50 million Hispanics. With the center of gravity under assault, nothing at all will be accomplished elsewhere. Considering that the present debacle is the direct result of the last two failed Western interventions, why does anyone believe that a third one will improve anything, rather than make it worse?

Besides, the “West” is already involved. There are presently more than 500 “Britons” fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Which means the West shouldn’t concern itself with the wars over there, it should be preparing to fight the inevitable one over here.