93 percent more

Obviously Larry Correia is GREAT FOR SCIENCE FICTION:

Loncon 3 announces record participation in the 2014 Hugo Awards!

London, 7 August 2014 – Loncon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention being held at London ExCeL from 14-18 August, is proud to announce that it received 3,587 valid ballots for the 2014 Hugo Awards. 3,571 ballots were submitted online through the Loncon 3 website and 16 paper ballots were received. This total eclipses the previous record participation of 2,100 ballots (set by Renovation in 2011) by over 50%.

That’s 1,723 votes more than last year’s 1,848. There is a very good chance that whether he wins or loses, Larry Correia’s WARBOUND will get more votes than the 407/827 that last year’s winner did. It also indicates that he raised nearly $70,000 for the World Fantasy Convention. If nothing else, they should be giving him a Service to WorldCon award.

Personally, I think it would be hilarious to see NO AWARD win a category or two, especially after the way the pinkshirts talked it up after the nominations were announced. It’s always amusing how they never seem to grasp that a sword cuts both ways.

That being said, I very much doubt that increase is entirely, or even largely, down to the involvement of those loyal to the Evil League of Evil. I suspect we have succeeded in energizing the pinkshirts, who are bound and determined to protect what they consider to be their turf. The first sign we’ll see concerning how this will play out is when the 1939 Awards are announced on Thursday. If CS Lewis and Ayn Rand make a strong showing, we can tentatively conclude that there are decent prospects for good humor on Sunday.