Postchristianity and pagan meat

It’s remarkable how fast Britain is sliding down the tube in its postchristian era.

Supermarkets were facing a backlash last night after claiming it was ‘unnecessary’ to spell out on labels whether meat comes from animals killed by religious slaughter. Religious groups from all faiths, vets and animal welfare groups joined calls for new labels to identify halal or kosher meat. But retailers claimed that shoppers do not care – and even argued that there is not enough room on packs for new labels.

Demands for improved labels follow widespread outrage over the disclosure in yesterday’s Daily Mail that millions of people are being sold halal and kosher meat without being told.

All the major supermarkets are selling New Zealand lamb killed according to halal ritual without providing labels. Separately, many restaurants such as Pizza Express, KFC and Subway are selling halal meat – mainly chicken – without printing the information on menus.

The retailers are full of it, of course. The reason they didn’t tell anyone in the first place is because most shoppers will not buy halal or kosher meat for one reason or another.

The anti-racists are reeling in shock and denial before the revelations of genetic science that have completely demolished their “blank slate” concept of race and culture. It won’t be long before the secularists will join them, as postchristianity underlines the fact that Western civilization depends entirely upon Christianity combined with the Graeco-Roman inheritance and not “Enlightenment values”, whatever they are supposed to be.

I’d be curious to know how many non-Christians here would genuinely prefer the collapse of Western civilization if that is the price that will have to be paid for ending the dominance of Christianity throughout Europe and America.