Rights roundup

30 Years of Gun Control Denial

Left-liberals often declare themselves to be on the side of fact and
reason. And yet, they show almost no interest whatsoever in the actual
facts when presented with them, especially when those facts contradict
liberal reasoning.

 The Clueless Kluwe

I am, for my sins, a Minnesota Vikings fan. As one, I am more than a
little familiar with the ex-Vikings punter named Chris Kluwe, who in addition to giving up four punt returns for a
touchdown one season, has been an outspoken advocate of perverting the
sacrament of marriage. One year after being cut by the team and replaced
by a rookie punter at one-fourth the cost, Mr. Kluwe has penned an
outraged screed in which he claimed that he had unfairly lost his job
due to the actions of “two cowards and a bigot”.