Hey warmists

Tell you what. We’ll stop rubbing your face in the unseasonably cold WEATHER this winter just as soon as you stop trying to claim that unseasonably hot WEATHER proves the existence of global climate change.

We understand that one day is not a trend. We understand the difference between weather and climate. But, you seem to have forgotten that we’ve been listening to you babble about how one hot day in August means OMFG POLAR BEARS ARE DROWNING AND LOUISVILLE WILL BE BEACHFRONT AND WE’LL HAVE NO ICE FOR OUR MARGARITAS EVER AGAIN!

And when a ship full of moronic “climate scientists” gets stuck in supposedly nonexistent ice, understand that we’re going to give you some stick. Just take it with good humor for a change. I mean, it’s a big fat slow pitch just hanging over home plate. Of course we’re going to knock that sucker out of the park.