What not to do when a girl hits you

One Marine provides a very good example of where sweet reason and physical passivity in the face of female force will lead a man:

kicked my head into the solid wood base. I blacked out, came to, stood
up, bleeding. My daughter was screaming, “Stop hurting daddy!”

was over. We were over. I headed out the door to the police and then
the hospital. My daughter stopped me. “Daddy, you need to go to a
doctor, here take this,” she handed me a bandage. “I love you” was the
last thing I said to her. It’s been almost a month….

An hour later I was handcuffed to a hospital bed waiting for CAT scan
results to know if my head was bleeding.

I’ve shared my thoughts on a more effective strategy at Alpha Game. When faced with repeated and abject failure, apply The Theory of Game. What do the naturals do? And in cases such as these, exactly who are the naturals?