The “global warming” cover-up

And here we have an excellent example explaining why modern scientistry is corrupted and why science-skeptics are more than justified in remaining skeptical of various government-funded “scientific” consensuses:

Scientists working on the most authoritative study on climate change were urged to cover up the fact that the world’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years, it is claimed.

A leaked copy of a United Nations report, compiled by hundreds of scientists, shows politicians in Belgium, Germany, Hungary and the United States raised concerns about the final draft.

Published next week, it is expected to address the fact that 1998 was the hottest year on record and world temperatures have not yet exceeded it, which scientists have so far struggled to explain.

The politicians justified their attempt to sweep the problematic observations that destroy the hypothesis due to their “fears that the findings will encourage deniers of man-made climate change”.  As they should. Isn’t declaring the hypothesis to be unsupported by the evidence exactly what scientists are supposed to do when the predictive models fail and the observations don’t support the hypothesis?

The skeptics are the real scientists, not the corrupt professionals who practice scientistry rather than scientody and serve as the mouthpieces for power-mad politicians.