An atheist incoherency

Clark from Popehat observes an intrinsic contradiction:

The reason for arguing that modern western atheism is incoherent is
not that it is irrational to disbelieve in God; I think that one can be
entirely sane and rational and disbelieve in God (although I actually
think that agnostics have beliefs that are much more consistent with
pure rationality than either theists or atheists, but that’s a side
No, the reason that modern atheists have incoherent views is that they simultaneously

  1. assert that there is nothing beyond that which is visible (i.e. they are materialists)
  2. they believe in rights, and not merely in a legal or social descriptive way, but in an absolute and prescriptive way.

This is not dissimilar from the evolutionist who firmly believes in human equality and asserts race is a myth, failing to grasp that he simply cannot rationally subscribe to both articles of faith.