Cause for hope or warning sign?

I can see both in looking at this graphic of the changes in gun laws from 1986 to the present, courtesy of Jeff Dege via the Volokh Conspiracy

On the one hand, this looks exceedingly promising.  State legislatures are moving towards freedom and individual liberty, and the Supreme Court is not standing in the way.  And yet, most of the legal changes we’ve seen at state and federal level are moving in the opposite direction, supporting the embiggening of the central government and its control over the individual.

How to explain this dichotomy?  My suspicion is that even white liberals are secretly scared to death about the demographic changes that have taken place since 1986 and they are unwilling to remain disarmed given their growing suspicions that the social changes they are still too proud to openly abandon go badly awry.  Just as many anti-gun liberals own firearms despite their loudly proclaimed principles, I suspect that many pro-immigration liberals and conservatives alike view their firearms as an insurance policy in case the Great Diversification turns into the Multicultural Wars.