Anti-scholastic diversity

One wonders what it will take for the West to realize that while it is at war with terror, the global jihad is at war with it? Apparently beheadings on the street in London are not enough.  I tend to doubt this sort of thing will convince anyone either:

Islamic militants attacked a boarding school before dawn Saturday, dousing a dormitory in fuel and lighting it ablaze as students slept, survivors said. At least 30 people were killed in the deadliest attack yet on schools in Nigeria’s embattled northeast.

Authorities blamed the violence on Boko Haram, a radical group whose name means “Western education is sacrilege.” The militants have been behind a series of recent attacks on schools in the region, including one in which gunmen opened fire on children taking exams in a classroom.

Perhaps once dozens of American or British children are murdered in a public school by vibrantly anti-scholastic immigrants, a leader will be found who is willing to openly admit that the problem isn’t a few bad apples ruining diversity, but excess diversity.