The USG attack on sovereignty

 Zerohedge reports that due to USG pressure, France, Portugal, Italy, and Spain are all interfering with the flight path of Bolivian president’s plane, forcing it to land in Vienna:

Moments ago a rather surreal episode of international diplomacy, or
rather lack thereof, took place when the airplane of Bolivian President
Evo Morales was forced to land in Austria over suspicions that NSA
whistleblower Edward Snowden was on board, a claim Bolivian authorities
denied. The reason: France and Portugal reportedly refused to allow the
flight to cross their airspace due to concerns that Snowden may have
been aboard the plane. It is what international law allows countries to
deny their airspace to presidents of sovereign countries, when the only
transgression is unproven speculation of harboring a whistleblower.

course, with both insolvent countries bent over and in dire need of some
all too precious Uncle Sam liquidity, we can see how they would do
anything and everything to gain some favor with Obama.

Update: Italy and Spain have also been confirmed as states
that refused passage above their airspace to Bolivia’s Morales on
suspicions of harboring a patriot.

It would appear that all the NSA spying on European leaders has produced a useful quantity of dirt on them.  And also that the hunt for Snowden is a little more critical than the administration would have the public believe.

UPDATE: “Morales’ plane was stranded at Vienna airport
for several hours after Portugal and France abruptly canceled air
permits for it to fly through their airspace, but eventually resumed its
flight home form an energy meeting in Moscow. Austria found no sign of Snowden on board.” 

UPDATE II: “Bolivia’s ambassador to the United Nations, speaking in Geneva
Wednesday, continued to insist that several European countries had
refused permission for the plane to fly in their airspace. Sacha Llorenti said it was an “act of aggression” and that France, Portugal, Spain and Italy violated international law. Llorenti
said “the orders came from the United States” but other nations
violated the immunity of the president and his plane, putting his life
at risk.”