Isn’t she a little young for WWII?

Marine Watching Zimmerman Trial, Catches Officer Wearing Ribbon Reserved For WWII Vets

According to the article, Jeremiah Workman, a Marine who received the
nations second highest honor, the Navy Cross was watching the Zimmerman
trial when, Doris Singleton, a Sanford Police Officer took the stand. He noticed the ribbon rack she was wearing, and posted it to his facebook page. “Am
I going blind or is this police officer in the Zimmerman -Martin trial
wearing ribbons that she doesn’t rate?” he wrote alongside the photo he
posted to Facebook.”

Two in particular stood out, he said: the World War II Army of Occupation and the Defense Distinguished Service Medal.

There is no two ways about it.  The Badge Gang are, for the most part, murderous, corrupt, and shameless scum who aren’t above stealing the valor of others.  They fancy themselves “sojers” in a manner that is no more convincing than the posturings of rap stars and NFL players. Just listen to them talk about “civilians” as if they are not, by every possible definition, civilians themselves.

I’d like to say it is unbelievable, but it really isn’t.  If you’re willing to gun down dogs, children, and unarmed men, I suppose wearing fake military medals is all in a day’s work for a law enforcement officer.