Mailvox: in defense of sad engineer girl

Rebecca hasn’t figured out that all humans are not completely interchangeable:

AHHHHHHH! are you NUTS! It is estimated that the planet will reach 9
BILLION people in about 2050. The last thing we need is an increasing

Increasing population of what?  How will further inhibiting the already limited breeding potential of high-IQ European women solve the problem of the quadrupling of a Nigerian population that can’t feed itself or maintain its societal infrastructure in just 60 years?  What percentage of those estimated 9 BILLION PEOPLE does she believe will be attending elite European universities and studying engineering?  Even if the problem truly exists, encouraging AA to make herself an evolutionary dead end won’t even begin to solve it.

No takes the simplest of rhetorical approaches to rational discourse:

Fuck you, Vox Day. I am sorry to have had the misfortune of discovering your existence.

Benhke, on the other hand, hopes I will open up my heart and use my “intelligens” in a constructive way.

Wow 🙁 You guys makes me sick to my stomach and brakes my heart. Maybe
you are right in some of your points, but you are really cuel (sometimes
in a direct, sometimes in a subtile way) in your way of expressing your
truth- whatever the truth may be. This woman is fighting for her
feeling of freedom – which is a very exsistential need. And both age and
gender, does not (just like culturel background does not) make a
difference – her statement comes from her point of view, and that point
of view is valid, because her value as a human being is valid.
Furthermore – I can assure you that many people care for her feelings –
cause more than 200 people in this world has the ability to feel empathy
with even strangers. I am very sorry for you guys, that you do not
believe this – it really tells more about you than anything else…
Please open up your heart, and use your intelligens in a constructive
way, which in my point of view can be defines as bringing peace, and not
fear, anger and resentment…What good do you men, the stronger gender,
do for the world/society, if not that?

But what can be more constructive than laughter?  By making it possible for people laugh at the likes of Behnke and others, I am making the world a better and happier place.

Unknown goes right for the conventional feminist riposte, but derails into a morass of blather:

u guys are real losers…women are doing well in engineering and making a
great success of ur lives…the hatred u have for them is
appalling…which makes me wonder about ur own success…

Women doing well in engineering are making a great success of our lives? Translation, anyone?