An innovative approach to education

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit skeptical of Jared Diamond’s claim that we of the civilized West have much to learn from the noble primitive cultures of Papua New Guinea.  However, their novel approach to public education does appear to have some aspects worth considering:

A teacher has been tortured and beheaded by her neighbours in a Papua New Guinea village because they say she was a witch responsible for the death of a sick villager. The angry mob brandishing guns, machetes and axes surrounded her house and pulled Helen Rumbali, her sister and two nieces away. They then burnt down the house.

No doubt the advocates of the Diversity Gospel are sad because they presently enjoy insufficient Papua New Guineans in their neighborhoods.  Which is a pity, because in addition to bringing more diversity and vibrancy with them, they would also provide what one can only presume is a highly effective means of dealing with recalcitrant teachers unions.