Seriously Fascist Women’s Association

One of the cross-dressing lights of the New Equalitarians created a helpful list of the most censorious liberal fascists in the SFWA.  With one or two exceptions, it’s a useful list of nobodies and mediocrities whose books you now know you can safely continue to ignore.

It’s a bit amusing to read through it and realize there are precisely two authors on it whose work can reasonably be compared to that of the two men who are being so widely castigated… and I’m not a fan of either Resnick or Malzberg.  I merely support their right to write opinion pieces and freely express their opinions in them, regardless of how offensive these delicate, fainting flowers may find those opinions to be.  Of course, in the present SFWA, such support for free speech renders me a radical extremist, nearly as dangerous as the deeply offensive cover of Issue 200.

Bonus points for whomever can figure out how many of these
self-appointed censors have published novels with more “offensive”
covers than the Red Sonja illustration on the Bulletin cover that has
inspired such an epic collective hissy fit.

It’s been interesting to see that Laura Resnick, who is usually very quick to leap in and loudly condemn anyone suspected of insufficient enthusiasm for equalitarianism, has been silent concerning the public witchburning of her father. It’s also intriguing to see how these liberal fascists claim labeling two old men “sexist
bigots” and openly calling for an end to their column is acceptable, but
identifying them as “censorious” is, and here I quote the SFWA
moderator, “abusive behavior”.