Don’t blame Jenny McCarthy

It’s not the unvaccinated causing the increase in the incidence of whooping cough, it’s the vaccines:

Whooping cough, or pertussis, has exploded in the United States in
recent years. A new study confirms what scientists have suspected for
some time: The
return of the disease is caused by the introduction of new, safer
vaccines 2 decades ago. Although they have far fewer side effects, the
new shots don’t
offer long-lived protection the way older vaccines do….

Researchers have long suspected that new vaccines might have something
to do with it. Until the 1990s, children routinely received a so-called
vaccine, made from pertussis bacteria, Bordetella pertussis,
that were killed by exposure to formalin or other chemicals. These
vaccines were known to contain a toxin that can provoke powerful
side effects. Most vaccinated infants had fever and severe pain at the
injection site,
sometimes accompanied by febrile seizures or fainting fits in which
the infant turned pale, unresponsive, and “floppy.” 

Strange that while researchers “have long suspected” the new vaccines, the vaccine advocates writing in the media have constantly pointed at Hollywood actresses and vaccine skeptics.