The threeway from Hell

What are the chances of any quality games actually coming out of a Lucas-Disney-EA alliance?  One in fifty quadrillion against?  One in an Oom Quatbog shreksillion against?

Electronic Arts announced today it has landed an exclusive multi-year agreement to develop and publish games based on Lucasfilms’ Star Wars universe. EA said the it will create and publish Star Wars games for a ‘core gaming audience’ across ‘all popular platforms’ and genres. The EA studios creating those ‘core’ Star Wars games are Battlefield developer DICE, Dead Space developer Visceral Games and Mass Effect house BioWare.

The developers sound all right, more than all right, actually, but that doesn’t mean these EA games are going to be seeing the A-teams from those developers.  In fact, given the way that the top dogs often move onto new projects after designing and/or developing their big hit, I would be surprised if the projects were even seeing B-teams assigned to them.