Shut down the CPS

The euphemistically named “Child Protective Services” doesn’t protect children, it is one of the most dangerous lines of attack in the government’s ongoing war on American liberties:

In the Land of the Free recently, a California couple had their child kidnapped by the state. At gunpoint.

It all started in mid-April when Anna and Alex Nikolayev took their 5-month old son Sammy to the hospital in Sacramento to be treated for flu symptoms. The parents didn’t particularly care for the treatment that their son was receiving. Doctors were pumping him full of antibiotics and soon began talking about performing surgery.

Anna and Alex argued with the doctors and said that they were going to get a second opinion; they took the baby and went to another hospital where another physician deemed it perfectly safe for the child to return home with his parents without the need for surgery.

The next day, with the family resting comfortably at home, the police showed up with Child Protective Services.

Alex, the father, went outside to talk to them where he was thrown to the ground by police. Officers then relieved him of his house keys and proceeded to let themselves into the house with hands on their pistols.

Then, still with their hands on their pistols, they told the mother “I’m going to grab your baby, and don’t resist and don’t fight me…” The child was then ripped from his mother’s arms and placed into state custody, where he remained for a week.

This sort of abuse shouldn’t even be possible, and yet I know of equally egregious offenses that have occurred on the basis of homeschooling and even spanking. Like The War on Drugs, CPS is one of those evils where the cure is much worse than the disease. It is far better for the occasional unfortunate child to be abused by his parents than for every single child, parent, and guardian in the country to be privy to this sort of abuse by bureaucrats.

CPS not only doesn’t reduce the amount of child abuse that takes place, it actually increases it because children in the foster care system are much more likely to be abused than are children who are not in it.  It can’t even be justified by its own purported rationale for existence.  And as for those police, this just underlines the fact that they are the bad guys, every bit as evil and far less accountable than the everyday criminals.

The police in America are not the “thin blue line” defending civilization from savagery, as they would have you believe, they are now little more than the enforcement arm of the authoritarian state. The short-term occupation of Boston is, from their perspective, the ideal state of affairs towards which we should all aspire.  Yes, there are the occasional righteous throwbacks, but this doesn’t change the observable fact that they have become the American Ofstapo, the not-even-remotely secret state police.

Because, of course, all ur kidz are belong to us!