Coming shortly

I just finished writing THE LAST WITCHKING, which actually consists of three stories, the title story, “The Hoblets of Wiccam Fensboro”, and “Opera Vita Aeterna”.  All three are rather peculiar stories in their own way, but they are all set in Selenoth and each color in different little areas on the map.  Unlike most prequels, I’ve attempted to avoid the tendency to have them reduce the scope of the story; I hope I’ve learned from the lesson of Star Wars in this regard.

Anyhow, as before, if you’re willing to commit to reading and reviewing The Last Witchking before May 8th, please send me an email with WITCHKING in the subject and indicate whether you prefer EPUB or MOBI.  I will send review copies to the first 25 respondents. I have all 25 volunteers, thanks very much, everyone. This will be the last of the shorter Selenoth works for at least a year, as I’m now concentrating solely on AODAL Book Two.

Also, don’t forget that the end of the preorder time for the hardcover of Summa Elvetica and the collection of other stories is rapidly approaching.  The preorder price is only $17.99 and comes with a free ebook copy of THE LAST WITCHKING.  In addition to the title novel, the book includes all eight novellas and short stories set in Selenoth.  It should run about 465 pages or thereabouts.