Everything has fallen into place

In music, as in all artistic endeavors, one often waits for inspiration to strike.  Sometimes one is inspired by a sudden desire to create something beautiful.  Sometimes, one is inspired to share a particular emotion or experience.  Sometimes, one is inspired to challenge the status quo.  And sometimes, one is inspired to mindlessly imitate works by superior and more original artists over and over again.  But rather than doing a “reboot” of Thriller, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, or a dubstep remix of “You Light Up My Life”, the Pink Rabbit Posse happened to find inspiration in an interview on Canadian radio during which the interviewee inexplicably announced himself, again, to be inclined towards engaging in a certain activity that is quite rightly denounced by all decent and law-abiding Canadian citizens.

Hence Everything is Falling Into Place (Groove Kittens mix) by Rapey McRaperson and the Pink Rabbit Posse.  McRapey really did an amazing job on the vocals; he nailed them in just one take before rounding up a few local college girls to help with the backing vocals.  This is the first single for the Pink Rabbit Posse, which is presently hard at work on a techno opera based on the works of Isaac Asimov and his hitherto unknown career as a flasher.