2 down, 48 to go

Hispanics recognize their mass migration is an invasion and conquest, so how is it possible that the natives still deny it?

 “I was a freshman in college, and suddenly there was a blatant attack on people like my parents,” said Mr. Lara, who grew up in East Los Angeles with other Mexican immigrants. “The so-called sleeping giant has always been awake, but they’ve been in our schools and colleges, and now we are really starting to run things.”

Perhaps nobody has seen this more clearly than María Elena Durazo, the executive secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, where Latino service workers are the primary source of growth for unions. Proposition 187 was “the perfect storm to anger and motivate a big number of Latinos, and once we had them coming out, we made sure they kept voting,” she said.

“Nobody had ever gone out to new citizens in the immigrant community, to poor working-class immigrants, but they turned out to be very reliable voters for us,” Ms. Durazo said. “People were always talking about low enthusiasm, but that is not what we were ever seeing. Now the rest of the country is starting to catch up.”

Ms. Durazo recalled the huge May Day protests in 2006, when thousands of immigrants lined the streets of Los Angeles. At the time, she said, organizers made a strategic decision to discourage the waving of Mexican flags and instead handed out American flags on street corners.

“We wanted to project what we feel — we’re working people who love this country and are staying here,” she said. “For a long time, we were living in no more than four or five states, but now, we are in the smallest towns of Georgia and Alabama. And once we’re there, it gets harder to ignore or hope that immigrants will just go away.” 

Of course California is “easing its tone”.  It’s been occupied and those who do not show the proper respect to their new padrones will be punished.  And very clear signals have been sent that nowhere is safe; every non-Latino enclave will eventually be invaded and Latinized, be it black or white.  It should be fascinating to see what happens when the Latino elite decides to make a play for dominance in Washington DC, which I expect will begin to take place once the Latino population hits around 100 million.  The increased visibility of politiicians such as Rubio and Cruz only marks the beginning of this process.

I have no sympathy for the coming American white minority.  This is the path white Americans chose when they elected to mass-murder three generations of unborn children and embraced cheap imported labor because they believed they were a nation of immigrants rather than settlers.  The rules of The Game of History are perfectly clear, and a nation that permits itself to be invaded by 50 million foreigners without so much as a protest, let alone a massive military response, has clearly demonstrated that it is not fit to survive.

And it could certainly be worse.  Better Cancun, after all, than Johannesburg or Beijing on the Potomac.