Rubio will kill the Republican Party

If, that is, he manages to convert enough of the rank-and-file to buy into the Bush strategy based on the conservative Latino voter and support his pro-immigration policies.  A veteran GOP operative explains why Marco Rubio is not the Great Brown Hope for the Republican Party:

“Let me tell you something. The Hispanic voters in Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico don’t give a damn about Marco Rubio, the Tea Party Cuban-American from Florida. You know what? We won the Cuban vote! And it’s because younger Cubans are behaving differently than their parents. It’s probably my favorite stat of the whole campaign. So this notion that Marco Rubio is going to heal their problems — it’s not even sophomoric; it’s juvenile! And by the way: the bigger problem they’ve got with Latinos isn’t immigration. It’s their economic policies and health care. The group that supported the president’s health care bill the most? Latinos.”

However, it is absolutely absurd to think that it is only the GOP’s economic policies that are the primary problem, although they are not popular.  Immigration is destroying it because the USA has been invaded by millions of people who vote to the left side of the political spectrum.  The Republican Party isn’t competitive in Detroit or Los Angeles, and it isn’t going to be competitive anywhere that follows the demographic lead of those two cities.

Which, in this case, happens to be the entire nation.

Rubio isn’t going to save the Republican Party.  He is much more likely to finish it off for good with the help of Barack Obama.