McRapey’s next book

It seems that in light of our friend at Whatever’s newfound interest in book covers, Vidad felt that he should contribute his own offering.  And it’s NOT an imitation, a ripoff, or a parody, it’s an homage!

I’ll admit it.  We have now gone from “modestly amused” to “okay, that’s actually kind of funny”.  And it leads me to ponder this question: what author or series will be the subject of McRapey’s next homage?  Jerry Pournelle?  No, he’s alive.  Ursula LeGuin?  No, too risky.  Ray Bradbury?  Too difficult.  Frank Herbert?  Too long.  It’s kind of a fun game though; perhaps we should start a pool and whoever wins has to read the book and write a review that I’ll post here.  I’ve got Poul Anderson.