Genetics vs Geographics

Mexifornia arrives as the grand experiment in replacing Anglos with Aztecs continues apace:

California’s Hispanic population is slated to become the state’s majority ethnicity by the end of this year according to a new report by the governor’s office. New ethnicity trends outlined in Gov Jerry Brown’s 2013-14 budget proposal revealed the state’s expected new majority while reasoning the state’s declining birth rates and increasing migration as causes.As early as July Hispanics are expected to be equal in size to non-Hispanic whites before outpacing them, according to the report, with both demographics in that month reaching 39 per cent of the population.

Now, if the Left’s Geographic theory that human behavior is predominantly determined by the physical location of the human being is correct, California should prosper and its economy should boom with all of these hardworking immigrants seeking the prosperity and opportunity afforded them by the environment and infrastructure there.  If, on the other hand, the Genetic theory is correct and the Aztecs are qualitatively inferior to the declining Anglos in some capacity, we should expect to see California continue to rapidly decline by a broad panoply of metrics and the infrastructure break down as the political preferences of the majority Hispanic population, which has no connection whatsoever to the historic Constitution, traditional American ideology, and the Rights of Englishmen upon which the United States was originally founded.

I’m just curious what it will take for advocates of the Geographic theory to give it up.  California declaring bankruptcy?  The complete elimination of the white race from the state?  California seceding and joining Mexico?  The construction of pyramids and resumption of human sacrifice?  Or is your faith in it simply unshakeable by evidence?