Reddit and the Red Pill Challenge

Reddit has asked me to do what they call an Ask Me Anything interview with The Red Pill subreddit:

 Well it’s a new year and we’re starting off right. I’ve been in touch
with a lot of the prominent voices of the manosphere, and we’re still
working out particulars on a lot of these, but I’m posting the
annoucement right now because our AMA series is going to begin shortly,
and I don’t want anybody to miss them.  I’m going to put this list in the sidebar, and update it as more details arrive. Here’s our current schedule:

Date (EST)NameSite
1/15/13 10:00amVox DayAlpha Game
1/21/13 12:00pmRollo TomassiRational Male
1/28/13 12:00pmxsplatRandom Xpat Rantings
2/04/13 06:00pmRooshVRooshV , Return of Kings
2/13/13 11:00amRedpillwifeyAdventures in Red Pill Wifery

You can participate in the discussion here.  It kicks off at 10 AM Eastern, and keep in mind that although it is called Ask Me Anything, this probably isn’t the place for questions about economics, my latest book, my SFWA candidacy, or why AD should be the 2012 MVP.  And recall that it is called “Ask Me Anything”, not “I’ll Tell You Everything”.