VPFL Week 8

99 Moundsview Meerkats (5-2-0)
60 Cranberry Rhyneauxs (2-5-0)

99 Greenfield Grizzlies (5-2-0)
62 Green Reverends (3-3-1)

52 Bailout Banksters (4-2-1)
41 RR Redbeards (2-4-1)

70 Bane Sidhe (3-4-0)
49 MS Swamp Spartans (3-4-0)

73 GroverBeach Quixotes (3-4-0)
49 Macau Marauders (3-3-1)

And the Old School triumphed over all. It was a bit of a pity to leave DeMarco Murray’s big day sitting on the bench, but when Arian Foster goes for 28, who needs another 253 yards rushing. I’d given up Week 8 for lost before the season even started, as four of my starters are on bye weeks this week, but thanks to some solid pickups, I should be all right if Christian Ponder can manage to throw for 200+2 against a weak Carolina passing defense in the absence of Aaron Rodgers.

As always, this is your open NFL thread. In addition to discovering if the Vikings have a real quarterback, it will be certainly interesting to see how the Christian survives the Lions.