No limits on self-defense

This McDonald’s cashier is a hero, not a criminal:

A McDonald’s cashier jailed for beating two irate customers with a metal rod says he was only trying to defend himself. Rayon McIntosh was arrested Oct. 13 after a wild fight inside a McDonald’s in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in Manhattan. Video recorded by a customer showed two furious women vaulting a counter to attack McIntosh after some sort of dispute.

McIntosh grabbed a metal bar and fought back with savage force, continuing to deliver crushing blows even after the women were incapacitated on the floor.

Good for him. I wouldn’t have any problem with his actions if he had killed both women after they were “incapacitated”. Police commit “justifiable homicide” in far less dangerous circumstances all the time and are infamous for firing dozens of shots after their target is already down. It’s simply not always possible to turn off the adrenaline-fueled aggression, particularly if you aren’t sufficiently accustomed to experiencing it.

And more importantly, once you attack someone unprovoked, all bets are off and you merit no protection from the law. The fact that the attackers were women is irrelevant, a two-on-one attack absolutely merited such a vigorous response. How on Earth could the cashier have known neither of the two hair-trigger lunatics didn’t have a weapon and wouldn’t use it once they were knocked down?

Rayon McIntosh shouldn’t be found innocent, he shouldn’t even be charged. And McDonald’s should be paying his legal fees.