A Libertarian on the Wall Street protests

From the Market Ticker:

You know what the “Occupy Wall Street” movement is?

It is all the things that were in the original Tea Party, but were steadily ignored as the TP became a Republican booster club.

The Tea Party is a contradiction. They want a balanced budget, but they also want the US military to intervene everywhere. Obamacare is a dirty word, but don’t dare touch social security or medicare. Individual rights are important too, but don’t push it too far. After all, republicans came up with today’s policies.

The most intriguing thing about these protests is the instinctive reaction of horror from the conservative media who still confuse corrupt big government corporatism for free market capitalism. If the Tea Party hadn’t already revealed itself to be little more than a joke, they’d be protesting side by side with the left-wing hipsters.

Both Republicans and Democrats are the problem. And that’s understandably something few Republicans or Democrats want to admit.