History happens

James Delingpole provides an email that explains why it is more than a little perilous for those who aren’t familiar with London and its various boroughs to attempt to reach any reasonable conclusions about the recent riots on the sole basis of the media coverage:

Funniest interview ever on Sky. Female Sky reporter interviewing a white guy who has had his shops burned. He said to her, the arsonists/looters were all black. She said to him, you can’t say that, there must have been white guys there as well. He thought about and then said, ok they were not all black, i was the only white guy there. Is that ok to say?

This guy states this with a totally dead pan face without a hint of the pc faux pas.

She again corrects him and states nervously you just cant say they were all black, he responds, but they were i was there. Unbelievable. The interview describes the state of our society in a nut shell.

The reason that the multiculturalists and post-racialists and race deniers all consistently put themselves in such ludicrous positions is that they are fundamentally at war with observable reality. Their delusional left-wing allies in the media and government do their best to keep the raw facts from being presented without some sort of balance or spin, but eventually reality simply overwhelms it. And the multiculti position simply isn’t tenable in the long run; do they seriously think that people really aren’t ever going to notice that downtown suddenly looks like Mogadishu or that their cousin’s apartment building was burned to the ground?

Societies can only deny reality for a limited period of time. Eventually, the society will either expel the invaders, collapse entirely, or be conquered outright by the invaders. And the eventual outcome may well vary from nation to nation. It’s important for Americans to remember that mass immigration is a relatively new thing to modern England, it was the Commonwealth Immigrants Act of 1962 that led to Enoch Powell’s prophetic “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968. Nor is the level of vibrancy anywhere nearly as high in Europe as it is in the United States, it’s merely more visible because it is so heavily concentrated in the large urban areas. But these changes take decades, sometimes even centuries, which is why the average individual is incapable of ever doing more than assuming that the present status quo will always continue, world without end, amen.

Incidents such as the three-day London riots are actually a positive sign that the multicultural end game will be reached long before most societies reach a point that would require civil war to resolve. Once the Euro and the European Union collapse, which could quite conceivably occur the next two years, the great transnational experiment of the last fifty years will have finally begun to reach its inevitable end and we can hope for a return to a healthy and relatively peaceful nationalism rather than the lethal and expansive form that was seen in Japan, Italy, Germany, and the Soviet Union beginning in the 1930s. The post-global nationalism should be very different than the pre-WWII version, since its focus will be internal rather than external.

This doesn’t mean that the globalists won’t be using the collapse of the transnational structures as an excuse to “fix” the problems it causes by pushing global centralization. That is the obvious and inevitable next step from their perspective. But because they are battling against reality as well as economic gravity, and because their arguments are so visibly absurd, there is no reason to assume they will be successful in their efforts. History merely happens, it does not progress.