The WSJ buries Captain Underoos

It would appear Mitt Romney is no longer favored by the Republican elders:

As everyone knows, the health reform Mr. Romney passed in 2006 as Massachusetts Governor was the prototype for President Obama’s version and gave national health care a huge political boost. Mr. Romney now claims ObamaCare should be repealed, but his failure to explain his own role or admit any errors suggests serious flaws both in his candidacy and as a potential President.

There’s a lot to learn from the failure of the ObamaCare model that began in Massachusetts, which is now moving to impose price controls on all hospitals, doctors and other providers. Not that anyone would know listening to Mr. Romney. In the paperback edition of his campaign book “No Apology,” he calls the plan a “success,” and he has defended it in numerous media appearances as he plans his White House run.

It seems Daniels is the flavor du jour, seasoned with some light amusement to be provided by retreads Gingrich and Giuliani. Romney couldn’t have won the nomination anyhow, as his Mormonism trumps his height and executive hair, but the Massachusetts Romneycare debacle renders him a complete non-starter.