Generals just aren’t that bright

Apparently they’re no longer teaching “never reinforce failure” at West Point.

In his first interview since becoming second in command of the International Security and Assistance Force (Isaf), General James Bucknall told the Guardian “now is not the time to blink”, and pleaded for more patience in the decade-long campaign because progress was being made.

Here’s the first hint that you need to give up on a war. If it is going on longer than it took to wipe out the Axis, it simply is not going to happen. It’s time for Americans to accept the reality that the Taliban are going to win in Afghanistan for one very simple and inevitable reason. They care a hell of a lot more about it than Americans do. And throwing away $100 billion on a foreign hellhole makes absolutely zero sense for a bankrupt nation, especially one that has permitted a 25-year invasion of its borders.