Why Game interests me

The Responsible Puppet puts forth eleven reasons:

Top Eleven Possible Reasons Why Vox Day Likes Talking About Game

1. Maybe after the rigor and math and Statistics and consistency and evidence required with his posts about the economy, debt, football and atheism – it’s nice to kick back* and not worry about that stuff.

2. It’s fun to be a role model. Every Game post makes him a hero for every guy who’s ever been hurt or turned down by a woman . . or made to look like an idiot by one.

3. Let’s face it. It’s a great way to stick it to the Woman, if that’s your thing.

4. Game comes in with a built-in instant defense. Does someone disagree with you? Call them a white knight, a snowflake or a Gamma***. Argument over!

5. Everyone wants to think they’ve chosen wisely when they got married. Perhaps Game helps him believe he’s got pretty much the only decent lady** out there. Or as he describes it, “A diamond among lumps of coal”.

I think he omitted a few obvious possibilities.

12. Vox and Spacebunny have embraced polygamy and he is working on obtaining his second and third wives.

13. Vox and Spacebunny have an open marriage and Vox is simply polishing his moves.

14. Vox hates Gammas and this is his way of torturing them.

15. Vox hates women and this is his way of torturing them.

16. Spacebunny doesn’t exist and Vox is a hapless Gamma attempting to learn enough Game to actually get a date.