On the radio

It appears I’ll be on Sean Hannity’s radio show at around 5 PM today, in case you’re interested. The discussion is supposed to be about RGD, but as we have seen, you never actually know until you’re on air.

UPDATE: Some of you asked what effect this interview had on RGD’s Amazon rating. It definitely gave it a boost, although the Kindle edition was already ranked fairly high due to its low price relative to most economics books. It would also appear that Hannity listeners prefer real books to ebooks:

Kindle rank: 551 from 3,980
#1 in Economic History, #6 in Economics
Hardcover rank: 861 from 122,000
#11 in Popular Economics, #14 in Economics

It’s interesting that the Kindle store categories do not exactly match the book categories. For example, there is no Economic History category for hardcovers. Another observation worth noting is that #551 in Kindle falls between #178 and #302 in Books. This tends to confirm that Amazon is selling more ebooks than actual books. So, the Kindle version of RGD is likely in Amazon’s top 250 overall.