Of sets and subsets

In which I explain the difference between a sexual hierarchy and a socio-sexual one:

There appears to be an amount of confusion relating to the difference between Roissy’s binary hierarchy and my more graduated hierarchy. However, it’s not difficult to distinguish between the two hierarchies, nor is there any contradiction between them. Roissy’s hierarchy is solely sexual in nature, whereas mine is socio-sexual. Therefore, his two categories are supersets of my seven categories.

I was a little surprised to learn that it was necessary to spell this out, as it isn’t hard to observe and it is a natural consequence of the connection between social status and sexual options. It’s hardly rocket science. But as you muse over the matter, keep in mind that snowflaking is no means of assessing the validity of anything, much less categories that encompass hundreds of millions of people.

Today also featured the first-ever guest post at Alpha Game, a piece on economic signaling theory contributed by Le Cygne Gris. I’m not at all averse to guest posts, just keep in mind that they should be longer than the average post and concern things that the regular contributors are unlikely to cover.

And finally, I’m pleased to announce a popular Game blogger will be contributing to Alpha Game on a regular basis.