The left of the right

The Right-Wing News polls a collection of so-called “right-of-center” bloggers, thus revealing that the right-wing blogosphere is a) not particularly intelligent, and b) barely to the right of the New York Times token conservative. Consider their list of most unpopular figures:

10) WorldNetDaily: 60.6%
10) Michael Savage: 60.6%
9) Christine O’Donnell: 60.7%
7) Ron Paul: 64.7%
7) Mike Huckabee: 64.7%
6) David Brooks: 71.2%
5) Pat Buchanan: 71.6%
4) Kathleen Parker: 77.8%
3) Joe Scarborough: 80.6%
2) David Frum: 87.5%
1) Meghan McCain: 93.8%

So, most of the “right wing” bloggers dislike the leading paleo-conservative, the leading libertarian Republican, and the largest right-wing Internet site. Now look at who they like for president:

8) Ron Paul: 35.3%
8) Mike Huckabee: 35.3%
7) Mitt Romney: 44.8%
6) Newt Gingrich: 54.4%
5) Mitch Daniels: +76.1%
4) Michelle Bachmann: +83.6%
3) Jim DeMint: +87.9%
2) Sarah Palin: 89.8%
1) Chris Christie: +98.6%

This shows that the so-called right vastly favors an elephantine RINO over the only candidate who has any clue about the dreadful economic and geo-strategic situations in which the nation finds itself. Hell, they favor Newt Gingrich over Ron Paul! But at least give them credit for preferring Palin to Captain Underoos and the Huckster; they may be short-sighted and foolish, but they’re not complete idiots.

In other words, you can safely conclude that this is not the group that will be leading the charge for human freedom or a Constitutional restoration.