Ideological plague

This comment from an Althouse reader illustrates the problem of voter mobility:

My sister and brother-in-law — a couple of liberal Obama-votin’ Democrats — are currently trying to get out of Illinois as fast as they can. They literally cannot afford to live in Illinois anymore — they were having trouble making ends meet *before* the gargantuan tax hike.

Needless to say, no matter where they go, this couple will cling to their liberal Obama-voting ideology and continue to demand the very big government that they fled in Illinois. They are ideological disease carriers. The only viable solution I can imagine is permitting such refugees to move into a limited government state if they are willing to sign a consent form giving up their right to vote for as long as they were resident in their former state. Although perhaps even that is taking too big a risk since they’ll probably settle in an enclave of like-minded carriers. This should be a legally defensible approach since if one doesn’t wish to give up one’s right to vote, one doesn’t have to reside there.