Egypt and the Iraqi Crusade

It would appear to have gang seriously agley:

It’s an irony almost too bitter to bear that George W. Bush, an evangelical Christian fired by a vision of freedom with religious overtones, waged a war of liberation in Iraq that led to the uprooting of the country’s Christians. And did almost nothing to prevent it, or even remark upon it. Iraq’s Christians are the collateral damage of the country’s post-Saddam revolution….

Before the invasion, roughly 1.4 million Christians lived in Iraq. About half of them have fled, with many more sure to follow. For a community that dates back almost to the inception of Christianity, this is nothing short of a historic cataclysm.

Once more there are reports circulating that Hosni Mubarak has stepped down again and this time they are apparently correct. There are also 8 million Coptic Christians now living in Egypt. Will the world demonstrate even a tenth of the concern for them that it still shows – or at least feigns to show – for six million Jews who died more than 60 years ago?